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creative spaces working group

We are all creative - sometimes without realizing how.

Creative strategies are vital in addressing the complexities of our Climate Crisis. It is exciting to collaborate and encourage each other. Group members often come up with new ideas that combine different skills and experience.


The Arts help us to reconnect with Nature

The Creatives Working Group supports our individual projects and facilitates collaboration between its members, as well as with other groups.

Regenerating the Soul and Creative Spirit


We are applying the theme of Regeneration for the Earth

To ourselves as Creative People and Activists

Through a Process called Wisdom Wheeling.

The phrases we create are wonderful inspirations for art, photography, lyrics, 

prose or what we like to call Poet-Tree.

All are welcome.

We meet virtually every other third Thursday of the month at 6:30 pm CT. Please check our calendar for dates.

Contact: Beth at Beth Bando will respond to your inquiry


Our experience pool includes: mural painting, theater, music composition and performance, storytelling, poetry, visual arts, dance, video/film making, sculpture, photography

Creative 1.png

We Creatives know how the arts are useful 

in our work, to express, connect and 

illustrate problems


People change behaviors in response 

to their feelings about issues.


 And Images, stories, music reach

 people through their feelings

Works from members of our Creatives group

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