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Events are an important part of the Chapter’s mission to make urgent action on the global climate crisis a reality at every level of society in North Texas. Events fall into the following categories:

  • Chapter meetings

  • Rallies, protests, marches, and strikes

  • Civic events such as tree plantings, film viewings, and other artistic/creative events

  • Conferences, symposia, and festivals such as EarthX

  • Special events such as the Poor People’s Campaign Dallas Ecological Devastation Tour

  • Collaborative events with other climate and environmental organizations

  • Chapter participation in the annual 24 Hours of Reality event

  • Develop an annual schedule of happy hour and other social events for chapter members, ideally located in different parts of the metro area

It is the responsibility of the Events Chair to actively identify upcoming events in which the chapter might participate, to encourage chapter members to develop events, and to coordinate chapter participation in these events. That includes:

  • Working with chapter leadership

  • Planning events

  • Communicating events to membership in collaboration with the Technology and Social Media Chair

  • Work with Technology and Social Media chair to ensure event calendar is updated on a weekly basis

  • Ensuring adequate staffing for events

  • Obtaining or creating necessary supplies, banners and posters, audio-visual equipment, and so on for use at events.

Events Committee Members:

Assist the committee chair.

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