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  • Maintains master Excel list of chapter members, including contact info, training status, and notes about skills and interests

  • Updates master list at least weekly with new members from Climate Reality website opt-in

  • Sends welcome email to all new members/ new opt-ins with information about upcoming events, meetings and how to get involved

  • Coordinate with Chapter Chair and Events Chair to incorporate ice-breakers, networking, and team building into meetings or special social events

  • Coordinate with Chapter Chair, Events Chair and Social Media chair about strategies for recruiting new members

  • Coordinate with Chapter Chair and Education chair about strategies to engage and recognize active members

  • Lead/coordinate outreach efforts by Membership Committee Members

  • All duties of committee members (as needed)

Membership Committee Members:

  • Follow up via email/phone/text to inactive members to encourage participation

  • Follow up via email/phone/text to new members after attending their first meeting

  • Attend community events with the goal of recruiting new members

  • Assist Membership Chair with other projects or initiatives (as needed)

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