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The Vice Chair will serve for one year. In the following year, the Vice Chair will become Chair; and a new Vice Chair will be elected. In the case where two Co-Vice Chairs are elected, both will normally stand as candidates for Chair for the following year. If only one wishes to serve as Chair, then that person becomes Chair. The other may stand again for election to continue as Co-Vice Chair for the following year. Finally, in a situation where the Chair wishes to continue for a second year and one or both Co-Vice Chairs are willing to serve as Chair, then all will stand for the position at the next election. Other situations will be decided should they arise. The normal expectation is that the person serving as Chair will have spent at least one year serving as Vice Chair.

Support the Chapter Chair

The Vice Chair supports the efforts of the Chair as needed. If necessary, the Vice Chair assumes the responsibilities of the Chair when the Chair is unable to fulfill them. The Vice Chair “shadows” the Chair in order to fully understand the duties of the Chair.

Encourage Climate Activism by Chapter Members

The Vice Chair has responsibility to encourage chapter members to remain active in terms of giving presentations and performing other Acts of Leadership.

Promote Chapter Member Advancement up “The Ladder of Leadership”

The Vice Chair has a responsibility for ensuring that chapter members be engaged in development of their leadership abilities.

Cultivate Collaborative Relationships with Other Climate Action Organizations and Government Agencies

The Vice Chair will assume responsibility for contacting leaders from other climate action groups to initiate or continue conversations about ways our respective groups can collaborate. This could include continuing our practice of inviting these leaders to give brief presentations about their group during chapter meetings.

Monitor the chapter email account

The Vice Chair should monitor the chapter email account at least weekly and reply to all emails. If requests for presentations come in, these should be directed to an appropriate chapter member.

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