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Mark R dambro, MD

I’m a Family Medicine physician who delivered individualized healthcare for nearly 30 years after completing medical school at Washington University in St. Louis and residency training at the University of Arizona. On retirement in 2020, I found the Climate Reality Project a particularly compelling group — a place to meld my professional medical interests and long-standing interests in nature and sustainability.


Thus I find myself asking, “How can we survive the unique threat of Climate Change?”.  And part of the answer is to ensure people have sufficient knowledge to make informed decisions. My hope is to bring audiences a deeper understanding of the science behind Climate Change and its inevitable impact on human health.

Climate Reality Corps Training: Virtual, July 2020

Home: Fort Worth, TX 76008

Miles Willing to Travel to a Presentation: 60 miles

Experienced with Virtual Presentations: Yes

Key Topics: Health Impacts

Ideal Audience Types: Clinicians and students at all levels who have an interest in sustainability


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