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monthly act of leadership group

The goal of our group is to engage the chapter with quick and effective action items. Every month, we provide the entire chapter with several climate- and justice-related actions to focus on. Group members educate themselves on various climate issues on the local, state and federal levels throughout the month and come up with a few items of priority. We provide a summary of the issues, steps to take, whom to contact, and the contents of the actions (e.g. petition or letter to our elected representative). We also provide resources and in-depth information on the issues at hand as the opportunities arise for the chapter members to educate themselves.

Highlights of our efforts: 

August 2020:

Asked the Congressional Reps in DFW to co-sponsor the Break Free from Plastic Pollution Act!

September 2020:

Asked chapter members to contact our US Senators asking them not to hold a confirmation hearing or vote to fill the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg's seat

October: 2020:

1. Urged members to contact our Texas Senators to ask them not to confirm Amy Coney Barrett, who said "Climate Change is a very contentious matter of public debate," on Oct 14th. 

2. Urge our US Senators and Congressional Rep to support the Pellet Free Water Act with SurfRider. 

Contact Li-Ya Mar:

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li-ya mar, phd

group chair

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