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Plant Based Solutions
working group

Mission: Our group recognizes the undeniable link between the Climate Crisis and the necessity of preserving and restoring Mother Nature. We welcome anyone who understands the importance of advocating for biodiversity and the ecosystems on our earth. We know protection of native species, plant-based diets, reforestation, regenerative agriculture, and the like are imperative in our fight to stop and reverse climate damage. Whether you’re a novice gardener, a tree hugger, a vegan, an insect lover, or somewhere in between, we welcome you to join the Plant Group to continue moving DFW to a greener (literally) metroplex.


  1. Work with Dallas Code Enforcement to educate about native plants, pollinator gardens, and xeriscaping.

  2. Work with the Community Building Group for the tree planting event.

  3. Work with legislative team to introduce policy change for our metroplex that includes regenerative farming, native landscaping, leaf blowers, just as examples. 

  4. Work with local schools to set up gardening and composting on site.

  5. Advocate for native plants on public lands.

  6. Access to more community gardens and working with orgs that do this. I would love to see one in a place like Klyde Warren that gets tons of foot traffic.

  7. Write op-eds about current events and their link to the topics in our group.

  8. Continuing education, including presentations.

  9. Looking at indoor plant life and the link between air quality and our health.

  10. Identify opportunities for reduction of food waste including compost bin initiative, grocery and retail food waste to be distributed to food pantries.

Contact Rebecca Pearce


Rebecca Pearce
group chair

Group meets every <TBD>

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