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Plastic Polluted Ocean

plastics working group

Plastics Working Group Goals

  • Maintain partnerships with Texas Conservation Alliance (TCA) and Dallas Parks and Open Spaces for clean-up events.

  • Partner with local organizations to offer monthly clean-up events during the Winter, Spring and Fall months.  Use these meet-ups as a chance to educate volunteers about plastic's impact on the environment and grow membership for the Climate Reality Movement.

  • Reach out to additional organizations to create support, volunteers, and advocacy of the goals of the Plastic Working Group (continued collaboration across CR chapters in TX & LA)

  • Research current & historical legislation to support new local bans on single-use plastics.  Engage with existing local climate-focused & business organizations to support this initiative.

  • Advocate to Local, State, and Federal officials and agencies regarding specific policies and bills

  • Engage with other organizations to mobilize support, volunteers, and advocacy of the goals of the Plastic Working Group


Lauren Cole

Group Chair


​Post-Oak Reserve Cleanups, December 2022 & January 2023
Post-Oak Reserve clean up- December'22 and January '23. Partnering with TCA (Texas Conservation Alliance) and Dallas Parks & Open Spaces, a total of 30+ volunteers helped to pick up over 6500 pounds of litter along the road leading up to Post-Oak Reserve in Dallas. This event was a great kickoff to 2023 ! We will have more clean-up events starting in September. ​
cleanup Post Oak.jpg

Virtual Guest Speaker, May 2023

In May 2023, we had 5 people attend an informative presentation & discussion on Plastics consumption, led by Adriana Kao of Usefull. This educational session offered some great reminders about plastic's negative impact on the environment. Adriana walked us through the steps of plastic production and showcased how pollution is present at each stage. This led to some productive conversation about how we as a group can work together to reduce our reliance on single-use plastics. With plastic-free July coming, we are working on an action plan for all members of the chapter to participate in. Link to the presentation is here.

Plastic pollutes each stage.jpg
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