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Legislative Offense & HB1533

We can finally play some offense in the current Texas legislative session! HB 1533 (read here) is scheduled for its public hearing in the House Environmental Regulations Committee on Monday. HB 1533 would establish an Energy Efficiency Loan Program for Texas Homes, incentivizing energy efficiency improvement in Texans' homes & cleaner vehicles in areas of Texas that suffer the worst air pollution.

The Texas Sierra Club has come up with the following valuable resources that you can dig in more, but a couple quick steps for you take here:

  • Using LegiScan, write a comment in support of HB 1533 using the comment's submission form here. Scroll to the bottom and enter a comment under "Social Comments on TX HB1533".

  • Tweet your support of this bill and tag your lawmaker, especially if they're on the committee

  • Retweet this chapter tweet!

Email them all at once:,,,,,,,,

Please include your name, city or district in your email.

Sample text for comment & emails: Hello, my name is (your name), and I live in (city, district). I urge you and the committee to support HB 1533 and other bills that would improve energy efficiency programs for homes and small businesses. Energy efficient homes fare better in a crisis. Better insulation, weatherstripping & windows help keep heat in during freezes & keep homes cooler in heat waves. Texas legislature should pass people first solutions, like HB 1533. The Texas blackout was felt disproportionately on low-income communities, and communities of color. Energy efficiency should not be a luxury home add-on that only the financially well-off can afford. Energy efficient homes also demand less from the electric grid. Before the next weather crisis hits, Texans should view it as a necessity.

Here's the resources from Texas Sierra Club:

  • Sierra Club written testimony in support of HB 1533 (read here)

  • HB 1533 fact sheet

  • Sample tweets, and Committee member Twitter accounts (so you can tag them)

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