(During the COVID-19 pandemic, all presentations are virtual)

Continuing the work started by our founder, former Vice President Al Gore, in his 2006 film An Inconvenient Truth, our presentations cover the latest science on the realities of the climate crisis, the facts about solutions that are already available, and ways to take action and build a movement for change. We present to any size audience on your schedule and at your location. Our members have presented to a wide range of audiences from large corporations to local book clubs and garden clubs, and to audiences ranging from middle school students to senior citizens. We have speakers who can address specific topics such as renewable energy, sustainability, health care, mental health, environmental justice, and more. See the speaker profiles in this section for more information. We can tailor the length of the presentation to fit your schedule, and the presentations are always free of charge. The only restriction is that in general they cannot be recorded. 


Roger Knudson, PhD

Tipping Points: Climatic & Political

Kelly Longfellow

Mindful Daily Actions

Chip Pitts

CSR, ESG, Biz & Human Rights

Mark R. Dambro, MD

Health Impacts

Brittany Baum


Dan Green

Climate Crisis 101

Li-Ya Mar, PhD

Climate Justice & Hope, Mindfulness

Kent Darwin

Our Good Earth

Michael Martin

Clean Energy

Jayashree Prasad-Sinha, PhD

Science-based Solutions