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Roger Knudson, PhD

Roger Knudson, PhD

I am a clinical psychologist by profession. After earning my Ph. D. at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, I spent 35 years on the faculty of Miami University in Oxford, OH. I retired from the faculty and closed my clinical practice in 2010. Now in retirement, I devote myself to climate activism on behalf of my grandkids and their right to a livable planet. I was a founding member of the Dallas Fort Worth Chapter, and I currently serve as Chapter Chair. I am an experienced public speaker and have given  presentations on the climate crisis to a variety of audiences. I have been an avid gardener for most of my adult life, and I have been practicing yoga since I retired. Those keep me connected with nature and are a source of inspiration for my activism.  I also find regular sustenance in poetry. I have played handball for 55 years – let me know if you’re looking for a match!

Climate Reality Corps Training: Houston, 2016
Home: Dallas, 75206
Miles Willing to Travel to a Presentation: 100 miles
Experienced with Virtual Presentations: Yes
Key Topics: Tipping points - climatic and political. Solutions from Project Drawdown. The moral foundation of a mass movement for change on the scale of the problem. I advocate for the abolition of carbon pollution.
Ideal Audience Type: I prefer adult audiences. 
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