our monthly chapter meeting

Our monthly meeting is the third Saturday of every month at 1:00 pm. Currently, we are meeting via Zoom due to the COVID pandemic. The link for the meeting is available to chapter members via email. We invite you to join our chapter and attend the meetings!

For a list of other events, please see the Calendar page by clicking here.

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Thank you for your interest in Climate Reality - DFW Chapter!

MAY meeting

Chapter Working Groups Update

Saturday, Mat 15th at 1:00pm


In the May Chapter meeting, we will highlight the working groups, and their work, especially for the new members who just finished the USTraining. Join us to get updates and learn about each working group's initiatives and future plans for the Summer and Fall. If you have not been involved in the working groups, please join us! 

In addition, we will announce a new exciting non-presentation initiative for you to get active and engage the public if you don't want to make presentations on the climate. (It's okay! Not everyone makes presentations, we get it!) 

We will also discuss new potential working groups, and provide updates from Climate Reality, including chapter re-organization, 24-hours of Reality and future trainings in 2021!