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Our monthly meeting is the third Saturday of every month at 1:00 pm. Currently, we are meeting via Zoom due to the COVID pandemic. The link for the meeting is available to chapter members via email. We invite you to join our chapter and attend the meetings!

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Chapter meeting, November 20th at 1:00 pm CDT

This Saturday is our chapter November meeting, which is our last meeting of the year. We will have several exciting segments! 

First, our chapter member, Rebecca Pearce, who is an expert and forever student of our food system is going to give a presentation titled: "Rethinking Our Food Industry". 

Descriptions of "Rethinking Our Food Industry".

The link from our agricultural practices and eating habits to climate change is undeniable, but why aren't we hearing more about it? It is a vast and complex subject, like so many in the climate conversation, and also, a deeply personal one.

In this presentation Rebecca will be discussing some of the broader categories, such as diet trends, aquaculture, and regenerative farming, and give us food for thought as well as actionable steps we can take to propel us forward in the future we want to create.

Come hungry for information, and leave full with ideas.

We will also hear an update from our member, Julie Hiromoto, on her COP 26 experience. Julie, an expert in sustainable architecture, attended COP 26 in Glasgow, representing the American Institute of Architects. Follow her work and updates on twitter @Julie_Hiromoto. (and don't forget to follow the chapter @CRP_DFW.

Contact Climaterealitydfw@gmail.com for the link to join the meeting.