Climate Reality DFW Chapter 

2021 Strategic Plan

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The Dallas-Fort Worth, TX Chapter was chartered in August of 2017. Despite the 2020 pandemic, the chapter grew dramatically both in size and diversity. At the start of 2021, we have 102 trained Climate Leaders and 106 Public Members. We continued to be one of the most active chapters in the region. In 2020, chapter members gave over 160 public presentations, most of them virtually. Our year of work contributing to the writing of the City of Dallas’ Comprehensive Environmental & Climate Action Plan (CECAP) via our seat on the Stakeholders Advisory Committee was rewarded when Dallas City Council approved the plan in May. We anticipate continued growth in 2021 as well as expanding the range of our activism. We come together as activists for camaraderie, mutual support, feedback, continuing education and fun!

The DFW Chapter vision statement:

● Be the “go-to” organization in DFW for solution-oriented education on the climate crisis. 
● Advocate urgent climate action by governments at all levels.
● Actively collaborate with other local climate action groups.

The mission of the DFW Chapter is to make urgent action on the global climate crisis a reality at every level of society in North Texas. Our presentations and our direct actions aim to build a mass movement in support of change.

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Climate Reality Project endorses the Jemez Principles for Democratic Organizing
The Dallas Fort Worth Chapter actively subscribes to these principles, and much of our vitality and success derives from them.


 The 6 principles are:
1. Be Inclusive 
2. Emphasis on Bottom Up Organizing 
3. Let People Speak for Themselves 
4. Work Together in Solidarity and Mutuality 
5. Build Just Relationships Among Ourselves 
6. Commitment to Self Transformation

Read more about the Jemez Principles here.

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Indigenous Land Acknowledgement
DFW Chapter

We, at the Climate Reality Dallas-Fort Worth Chapter, acknowledge the ongoing harm caused by colonialism and white supremacy perpetuated in Texas. Indigenous communities have suffered genocides and forced removals from their lands. We recognize that we all are standing on lands stolen from Indigenous people, particularly those of Kickapoo, Wichita, Tawakoni, Jumanos, and Comanche in the DFW areas. We are committed to cultivating mindfulness around the history of native lands and communities through continuous education, participation, and active listening.