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li-ya mar, phd

I am a language educator and a yoga/mindfulness instructor by training and profession. As an educator, I’ve been dedicating my career in building bridges between cultures and languages, helping young adults to expand their connections with the rest of the world. 


I’ve developed a deep connection and sense of belongingness with the nature world since I was very young. However, after becoming a yoga/mindfulness teacher and practitioner, I’ve come to realize my love of nature is useless without transforming the love into actions . That realization has only strengthened throughout this decade after seeing firsthand the devastating climate impact on people’s lives and wildlife. I started educating myself on climate science and activism. Building climate consensus is very similar to bridging cultures. It’s about finding commonality and building trusts. The common ground is so much easier to find than I had always thought. 


The climate crisis is personal to me. It is both a moral issue and survival issue. My hope and intent in climate advocacy is that we all can realize that everyone’s life, experiences, and aspiration are interconnected with the health of the natural world and of our communities. Education and actions are the tools to empower ourselves to reach for a better, fairer and cleaner world. We need to do our best. Because there's no alternatives.

Climate Reality Corps Training: Pittsburgh 2017

Language: Mandarin (Native), English (Near-native)

Miles Willing to Travel to a Presentation: 90 miles within Dallas 

Virtual Presentation: Very experienced

In-Person Presentation: Yes if everyone wears a mask during COVID-19

Key Topics: The Climate Crisis 101, Climate Hope, Plastic Pollution, Youth Empowerment, Showing Up for Climate

Ideal Audience Type: Any age above 10, preferred young adults and adults.

Contact Li-Ya Mar for a presentation:

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