• Mark R Dambro

Climate Reality Webinar: Goals for 2021

Webinar held today which reviewed 2020 achievements, along with goals for 2021.

Presentation available later today on Reality Hub.


  • Blaine Mulugeta

  • Madeline Karp

  • Ken Berlin

  • Ethan Spaner

2020 summary

  • 44 in-person trainings up to 2020, then shift to virtual with 50+% leaders added

  • 56,000 Acts of Leadership recorded in 2020

  • 2,000+ presentations during 24 Hours of Reality

2021 goals

  • Develop more materials for legislative work

  • Goal is to pass major legislative work

  • Goal of 60,000 Acts of Leadership

  • International presence including COP26

  • 4/22 - 5/2/2021 next virtual training

  • Mentors being sought (mentors@climateReality.com) and will go live 2/4/2021

  • 24 Hours of Reality being planned

  • Support for Growing Campaigns

  • More Movement partnerships coming

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