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EarthX -- Connections!

This year has challenged each of us. Feeling isolated and disconnected from each other and the natural world has only widened our divides. Now, let’s reestablish what unites us and come together in non-partisan support of a cleaner, greener planet by nurturing our connections to each other and to our environment.

Welcome to EarthxMembership! This new program provides opportunities to build relationships and expand networks around our shared desire for a sustainable future. EarthxMembership is a way to connect with EarthX, to connect with other planet heroes, and to connect with reliable information about the environment. These connections create community, and we want to connect with you, too.

Become a Founding EarthxMember today. Membership begins at the Earthling level with a tax-deductible donation of $35. You’ll receive unique benefits with something special at every level of membership – find the level that’s right for you at

Become a Founding EarthxMember today to bring environmental awareness, action, and advocacy to the world.

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